I am Ray Wall, a loving husband and proud father of five children. I was born and raised in a small city in New Jersey. As the oldest of six, in a low income, single parent home, I naturally became the “man of the house” and entered the working world at a young age to provide for my family. I have worked several jobs over the years including being a chef, EMT (emergency medical technician), registered nurse, and pediatric home-care nurse. Currently, I reside in Philadelphia as I begin a new chapter in my life as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

I am The Laundry Chef, the owner of Got Laundry. I’m not the smallest guy, so when people discover that I do the laundry for a living they are usually pretty curious as to why I’m not an athlete, construction worker, or [insert any other “masculine” profession here]. Well, Laundry became my passion out of necessity. For years my wife and I had an on going dispute as to who was going to tackle the monstrous laundry pile for our family of seven – sound familiar? Finally, one day I decided to take action, or admit defeat the tower of t-shirt terror, and end the long battle by taking the responsibility of doing ALL the laundry…ALL the time…for the ENTIRE family. (Relax guys, I know it might sound crazy, but you know the saying, “Happy wife, Happy Life!”)

After a few months of doing the laundry, I was hooked! Something just clicked. It was almost like going to an AA meeting, “Hello everyone. I am Ray Wall, and I’m addicted to laundry!” (Hi, Ray!). Doing the laundry to me was no longer a chore, but something I looked forward to. Getting out tough stains was like figuring out how to solve a puzzle or create a new recipe.  And with five kids and a wife who is a nurse, you can imagine the plethora of stains I encountered. So the Laundry Chef was born! I constantly researched and  figured out new and innovative recipes to remove stains, keep those whites whiter, and those brights brighter!

It was a natural step to start Got Laundry? since I was already a laundry addict turned Laundry Chef. I figured who doesn’t always seem to have a ton of laundry? Nudist colonies. But other than them, we all do. So I was on a mission to create an affordable, convenient, and hassle free service to end all of the household debates over who is going to do the laundry…the answer: Got Laundry?



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