It is impossible to put a price tag on the things in life that matter the most; family, friends, career, school, business and hobbies. We at Got Laundry?, understand this theory so we have priced our services at a rate so that your time is free to enjoy the things you love most!
All Laundry
$1.69/lbs (15 lbs minimum except Same Day Delivery & Weekends)
$3 Press / Iron per item ( Please indicate items)
Starch (Light, Medium, Heavy Additional $0.50 cent)
* Pickup & Delivery charges are free for all Philadelphia residents, all others will be charged a $2/mile.
$2.25 /lbs Same Day service (Pick-up before 9a – returned after 6p, 25lbs min)
$2.75 /lbs Weekend service (25lbs min)
$5 Each Laundry Bag
Specialty Items
Twin/Full comforter, blanket, quilt $10 ( 2 or more $8 each)*
Queen/King comforter, blanket, quilt  $15 ( 2 or more $12 each)*
Sleeping bags – Kid size $10, Adults $15*
Pillows – any size $6*
Dog bed $15
Duvet Cover any size $7
Car Mats (4) $20
Dry Cleaning
$3.50 per item for Dry Cleaning Services, unless special service is requested or required. Please call for details
Please Note: Prices DO NOT include Down or Feather filled items. Such items will be priced by the pound at $3.99/lbs! All items must have the “manufacture certificate” tag(s) and the “content care” tag(s). The tags that read “DO NOT REMOVE!” in order for Got Laundry to properly service your items as illustrated by the manufacture(s). See Disclaimer.
$15 Re-Delivery/Failed Attempt Fee ( Driver arrives, after 15 minutes customer is not at designated location, driver has to return at later date or time, or customer has less than 15 lbs of laundry. Driver may return if 15 lb minimum is met after first attempt. Maximum 2 attempts per appointment.)
Payment Methods:
Cash, Checks, Major Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard) Please call for processing!
No item too big – Contact Us!
Call GOT LAUNDRY? Today! 1-215-971-5408

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